Occupational Therapy


“ Where science, creativity and compassion collide”

O.T.WEST has been providing high quality Occupational Therapy services to the Perth community for over 20 years.  


O.T. WEST offers therapy services for all ages


We provide occupational therapy assessment and rehabilitation services to people at every stage of their life, from early childhood to retirement.

Our services are provided in settings that best meet a person’s needs - at home, work or school or we can see you in our Clinic in Shenton Park. 

We pride ourselves on providing caring and client centered therapy services and strive to support people and their families to be active participants in the recovery process.


Home Assessment & Modifications

Offering home based assessment and modification services

O.T.WEST has extensive experience in providing home assessment and modification services.  If the client is in hospital, a home assessment can still be done prior to discharge.


Providing dementia assessment and management services

O.T.WEST has extensive experience in dementia assessment and management.  Our Therapists focus on improving the quality of life for people living with dementia and providing support to families and carers.

Palliative care

Enabling people to maximise their independence and quality of life

O.T.WEST has extensive experience in providing O.T. services in Palliative Care and Oncology to people managing the challenges they face at home at this time of their life.



O.T.WEST has significant expertise in delivering individualised treatment programs for children.  Our programs are based on a comprehensive assessment of the child's needs, in consultation with the family. Therapy services can be delivered in our clinic,   at home, school, or a day care centre. We are currently not providing this service whilst our therapist is on Maternity Leave.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Enabling people with neurological impairment achieve their maximum potential

O.T.WEST specialises in neurological assessment and rehabilitation, based on neuroplasticity principles and cognitive rehabilitation therapy methods.  Our Therapists use evidence based assessment and treatment techniques to gain the best results for our clients.

Aged Care

Enabling elderly people to maintain independence in everyday activities

O.T.WEST specialises in the provision of aged care services. Our Therapists support clients to participate in their chosen daily activities and achieve their goals in a safe and realistic way.

Physical Rehabilitation

Providing a service at your home or in our clinic

O.T.WEST has extensive experience in home based physical rehabilitation to enable people to maximize their daily function. 


Funding options for our therapy services

O.T.WEST is registered to provide therapy services to clients with funding through a wide range of sources.


We provide OT services to the Perth Metropolitan Area


Our Therapists will visit clients in their home, work or school environment throughout Perth or we can see you in our Clinic in Shenton Park.